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Condor Aviation is passionate about permit / experimental aircraft; the most exciting, affordable & expanding sector of the aviation market.

What we do

Condor Aviation is a part of the Condor Holdings group of companies. As a specialist engineering based company in the UK, Condor have operated worldwide as some of the most skilled engineers working of bespoke projects, especially in Civil Engineer and Drilling operations.

As a recognised international engineering specialist, the drilling division operating as Condor Projects Ltd have won a well-deserved reputation for ‘thinking outside the box’ and finding solutions to difficult problems.

After 30 years of engineering, the management team acquired Birchwood Lodge with its own 6 acre airfield and workshop facilities to expend the capabilities of the company into bespoke modifications in light aircraft, taking existing designs and improving to provide better performance, more space, reducing weight, modernising etc.

The facilities have been under construction for since 2009 and became operational in 2014.

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